Girls were taught that when you have sex you have lost something which makes it seem that men have taken something from them. Consensual sex is enjoyed by two and sometimes three or four people, all of you should get to feed your sexual demons without anybody feeling shortchanged. These feelings are usually not there when you are moaning your lungs off so why feel terrible about it afterwards? The society has set up a girl to feel used after sleeping with a man, men on the other hand feel guilty because they feel they have gained something. Sex is one thing that most people love but don’t wana talk about.

Times have changed, right now people look for the simplest of excuses to get laid. The main reason girls feel used after sex is because the reason for hooking up was not made clear in the first place. You wanted something serious but he was looking for a one-time thing, but both of you were too horny to talk about it so in the end one of you will get hurt. Sex connects you with someone on a very deep level even without you knowing it, so if you didn’t make your feelings known before you started smashing then you will definitely feel used.
If you are into one night stands then look for people who are willing to do the same with you. Don’t go get a girl who is all about dating and making babies then you smash her and ghost. A girl was just chilling waiting for her Mr. Right then you treat her as a one night stand, now she will always see men as monsters. There is somebody for everybody out there, there is a girl willing to have sex with you no strings attached, there is a man who wants to date and settle down. Don’t let your horny soul change somebody’s perspective of how they view relationships.

When alcohol and sex meet it doesn’t always end well, most probably one the girl will complain afterwards. Don’t drink and fuck, yes it’s a thing. A real man doesn’t need alcohol to get laid, if a girl is riding your vibe then she will let you hit. Most men resort to booze when a girl says rejects them, a NO when sober will still stand even after she is drunk. As long as she didn’t give you consent don’t touch her, otherwise that will be rape.

Virginity has been glorified for the longest time, so much that when girls always want to make it a special moment when they have sex for the first time. This is why they keep saying “I lost my virginity to..”, did you really loose it? Virginity is like a prison, you don’t want to have sex because you are waiting to make it special, but after breaking it you can smash whoever you want whenever you want. You didn’t lose anything, you just got free.

It’s time we stopped treating sex like a taboo, I was working with Kiss Condoms as an Influencer the other day. We were talking about safe sex and contraceptives and also giving out free Condoms. To my surprise some students especially boys didn’t wana come pick the samples because apparently their friends would mock them. They were afraid to be seen taking condoms; the stigma around sex is really high, why are you ashamed of something that you enjoy doing? Most women have gotten over it and sex is no longer a sensitive issue for them, they talk about it more openly now. Better protect yourself now than regret later, safe sex is good sex.

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    Love it!


  2. Gifted Brian says:

    Content 💯


  3. Kolan says:

    I wish we all had this mindset


  4. This is extremely educative. A mighty piece

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  5. This is extremely educative. A might piece

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