We need to outgrow some stupid shit this year like getting stuck in abusive relationships, cheating on a loyal partner, spreading stds, rumor mongering, telling a girl you love her when you only want sex and jealousy. Just focus on yourself and what you want to do this year, start that business, have that baby, get engaged, travel or get married. And if that relationship is not working, get the hell out.

Staying in an abusive relationship hoping that they will change is just stupid, walk away at the slightest sign of violence. Your nose should not be broken for you to realize that it’s never going to work. These narcissists have a way with words and sometimes they might make you believe that everything is normal. Nothing about a swollen face is normal, wake up and go be with someone who will respect you. They will never change, at least not for you.

Cheating is so unnecessary, your partner is loyal but you are busy getting and spreading stds. There is no point in getting into a relationship with no intention of committing, hoe around in your hoe phase until you are ready to commit. This year don’t waste anybody’s time, if sex is all you want then say it, you are an adult don’t lie nobody is going to beat you. Don’t tolerate a cheating partner, they made a choice; there is always somebody else waiting for him to fuck up so that they can swoop in. What am trying to say is don’t tolerate any stupidity in your relationship this year. In case you don’t know cheating, abuse, disrespect and lies are all stupidities.

Let’s try and be honest this year, if you ain’t feeling his vibe just tell him. As a woman there is no point of going out with someone knowing too well you won’t meet their expectations. You want food, tell your boyfriend and if you are single then a friend can buy you food. Leading on someone and taking advantage of their feelings is not fair. I will respect a simple NO but don’t give me false hopes because you know I have feelings for you, it’s stupid.

Be a go getter this year, if there was something you had been planning to do just do it. I hosted several weddings in 2021 and it was just beautiful. Love is rare but if you are lucky enough to find it, never let it go. This year just reeks of good vibes start a business, ask that girl out, go for that Koito, do that wedding, go to that vacation, start a family just don’t let the year end without you fulfilling your heart’s desires.

Make it a habit to support your friends in this year, post their businesses, buy from them, go to their shows and buy those tickets. Don’t be that friend who likes free everything, if your friend has a cloth line, have at least one merch from them. Making money alone can be lonely but making money with friends is the dream.

Happy New Year everybody!

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  1. Nicolzie says:

    This year don’t waste anybody’s time, if sex is all you want then say it, you are an adult don’t lie nobody is going to beat you. – – – – – THIS RIGHT HERE! Why lie if this is what a person wants? Not being honest, will get you no where. I don’t understand why people lie about this part.
    Lying in general – – – We all do it, but why lie to appease someone or get them to like you? Then they don’t like YOU. They like what they think you are!

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