There is a very thin line between love and sex, sometimes you think a person really loves you but they were just horny. Love is there in the world but it is fake, or else how would you explain cheating, your man smashing your best friend or him impregnating another woman while you still together. Most of these couples out here are just two people who were afraid of being alone, they pretend to love each other but it’s all a show. Are you really inlove or you just want something to post on instagram?

Up until recently I was dating, she was fine as hell and she had everything I wanted in a woman. But I felt like I was going to disappoint her eventually so I broke up with her. Staying loyal in a relationship is not as easy as it looks but it is not impossible. One thing about me is that I will disappoint you, break your heart and pretend like nothing happened. I had been with this girl for like a month and in that period I almost cheated, didn’t make enough time for her, my communication was poor among other stupid shit. For me she was my last shot at love, I really tried to make it work but I wasn’t just feeling it so I let her go. I did this to avoid hurting her feelings….

There is no need of getting into a relationship while still in your hoe phase, you need to be done with hoeing first. You will commit but one way or another you will cheat, now instead of focusing on growing your relationship you are busy treating STDs. If you want sex without all the gooey strings attached to it, find a friend with benefits. You call him when you are horny, you use each other to satisfy your sexual demons no questions asked. Here I can assure you no feelings will be hurt because you both know where you really stand.

There is thing I do on my whatsapp status called “Story Time”. One time a girl told me of how her boyfriend gave her and her best friend an STD. Sex is like money, you will never have enough of it. You can fuck like a hundred women but the orgasm is the same every time, it’s not like the level of orgasm increases with your number of sexual partners. If he really cared about her feelings, he would have broken up with her before smashing her best friend. But the nigga decided he is a cum dispenser and gave them both an std. Is this the love you guys keep talking about?

Serial cheaters have one excuse that has even become a cliché, they always say “It was just sex, I don’t even love her “. Most people in relationships today cheat like they getting paid, somebody is even cheating right now as I type this. You are risking someone’s life just for strokes, which btw you could have gotten from your partner. And don’t come at me with that B.S of the sex was boring so I cheated, the sex is boring because you are boring! Change the venue sometimes, don’t have sex in the same place every time. Nobody said you won’t cum if you have sex at a car, beach, hotel, rooftop or any other place that is not your room. Boring sex is not an excuse to cheat, be creative or break up altogether.

I did not give up on love because I was heartbroken, it’s because of all the fake shit I have seen people do and still call it love. I know men who physically abuse their girlfriends, some narcissistic ones even make it seem like the women are the guilty ones. But you will still find a woman stuck in abusive relationship waiting for the man to change, they will never change at least not for you. Sometimes you are single and you are wondering why the woman you want won’t get out of her abusive relationship, is she waiting to die first? Yes a slap today means a gun tomorrow, you will die trying to salvage something that was not there in the first place.

How can you tell me love is real when the only real thing in your relationship is the sex? You might not admit it but most of you are dating for free sex, food and money. This is why I gave up on love, people are so fake nowadays, a depressed generation hiding behind memes. I’d rather have a sex buddy rather than get into a relationship for fake reasons. There are a lot of single people out here, finding someone with the same mindset as me won’t be hard. Yes you can have a friends with benefits and still be exclusive, if you get tired or just bored say it so that we can break up and move on. This is better than cheating in a relationship, I get sex and companionship without having to confess my ‘undying love for her’

.Finding true love more than once in a lifetime is lucky, I have given up on it but if it does find its way to me then I won’t let it go. But for now lemmi just enjoy the sex, don’t get it twisted though; I will not pretend to love you so that I can get into your pants.
P.S: It’s been like four days now since I said I won’t be having sex till December and all I can say is the journey is not for the weak!

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  1. Andie says:

    Love nowdays is like chasing the bag 💰

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  2. Tasha jones says:

    Love is like a scam shit especially in this generation ….dating the wrong person is called relationshit….the problem is we dont know who the person is at first sight as they say love is blind ……cheating is a choice but being loyal is an agreement and that’s what should be defined as true love

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  3. Sarah Diana says:

    Wow..this so engaging😊


  4. karlspenser says:

    Not for the weak indeed😂😂


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