The world has changed, it’s now cool not to care, love, be happy, work hard or show any emotion at all. Since when is being rude cool? Abusing and gas lighting your woman is not masculine neither is it cool, it’s weak. People nowadays do some of the most stupid things and call it cool, grow up! You can have a nice personality and still be cool, you don’t have to insult waiters or security to show how “cool” you are.

Having multiple sexual partners is not cool, it’s stupid and risky. As a man you will smash anything in a skirt thinking that you will earn the respect of your boys club, the only thing you will earn is HIV and STDs. If you want to have sex without dating then try exclusivity, have one sexual partner whom you are loyal to. Don’t have sex outside this entanglement and when you are tired then find another friend with benefits to be exclusive with. This way you are loyal to yourself, you won’t step out on your sexual partner because you are enjoying the sex you’ve always wanted without the baggage. I like to call it “hoeing responsibly”, it’s better than cheating. Don’t date then have like ten side chicks, what was the point of getting into that relationship in the first place? But remember however horny you are, safe sex is good sex.

Emotions are what makes us human, without it we are like vampires; dead inside. Not caring about how someone else feels is not cool, its ignorance. A lot of people today are in emotionless relationships, the only thing holding them together is just sex. Some are lucky to catch feelings but the rest are stuck in shallow and empty entanglements. If you decide to get into a relationship go all the way! Call her just to check up on her, surprise him, take her out for dinner.Ignoring your girl’s calls in front of your boys isn’t cool, answering that call and telling her where you are won’t make you look weak but responsible. And to do all these you need to actually care for each other, otherwise what’s the difference between your so called relationship and a brothel.

I hate people who are rude to waiters and security, like that is their office and you being rude is just making it hard for them to do their job. Insulting a waitress when ordering food will not increase your gangster points, you will just look backward and unrefined. You can park your car without disrespecting the security guard, it’s so unnecessary. Most of these people in the service industry are living from hand to mouth so of course they won’t talk back for fear of losing their jobs. But if you are dating or hang out with a person who is rude to helps then you are no different. Being nice is free, you shouldn’t be a dick to them just because you can. Rudeness is not and will never be cool.

There is this breed of men who think gas lighting and embarrassing a woman is cool, it’s stupid. You are hanging out with your friends and your girl decides to give her opinion on whatever you were talking about, then you being a narcissistic boyfriend start laughing at how off she is from the point. You should be glad that she is smart enough to be interested in the topic, embarrassing her will not make you look cool. There is a way you can react to her opinion without making her look like a fool. These are the same men who think physically abusing a woman is discipline, this mentality is sadistic. The saddest part about this is that you will still find women stuck in abusive relationships waiting for their men to change.

Being human is no longer cool, people are always seeking validation from others. A girl can walk into a room and see two guys; one who is busy talking and entertaining the lot and another one who is just seated silent in the corner. She will be interested in the silent one because he is so unbothered with whatever that is going on. It has reached a point where to get a girl to like you, you have to pretend that she doesn’t exist. Ignoring her will make her want you even more, should it be like that though? It’s not cool to play with someone’s emotions this way. Hate to break it to you but if someone plays this game with you, they just wana get into your pants.

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  1. Kashee says:

    Nice content 😊 really love it keep up the nice stuff Keep them coming ❤️

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  2. Subu says:

    Out here looking for something real. Nice one.

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  3. Calvin says:

    Nice stuff koima, I must be visiting here just to read your articles.

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