It’s funny how women are so quick to forgive their toxic boyfriends. He cheats, gives you STIs, abuses you, disrespects you, lies to you but each time you ‘break up’ you forgive him as soon as he pretends to be sorry. He puts on the good boy act for a few weeks then he goes back to default settings. A woman will find out her man has a baby mama with two kids and still stick around, are you waiting for them to get married so that you can leave? Oh wait you also have no problem dating married men.

A woman will stay in an abusive relationship thinking that the man will change no, it will only get worse. He will insult you today and slap you tomorrow, but women are so stubborn they will pretend they are in a very happy relationship while hiding scars with make-up. He will slap you in the morning but at night you will still spread your legs for him as you scream ‘harder!’, then the next day he actually slaps you harder. What does he have to do for you to leave, kill you?? You love the way he fucks you so much that you forget how he actually fucks up your life.

You are always angry because of the texts you find on his phone, the only time you smile is when you remove your panties. You know very well he is cheating but you still fuck him raw, he gives you an infection and you still forgive him. Keep on forgiving your cheating boyfriend till one day you come out of the hospital crying because you just found out you are HIV positive. You finally break up with him but it’s too late, the damage has already been done. You remember how you used to enjoy the sex and cry even more but your tears won’t roll back time. You can avoid all these by leaving a cheating partner, a man who cheats on you doesn’t respect you. I always say it’s better to have an exclusive sex friend than a cheating partner.

Women hate being lonely, they see their friends posting their men and the thought of being single freaks them out. This is why they will hold on to a dying relationship to the very end. The funny thing about all this is that all this time they are busy trying to save a relationship that is already broken, there are better men who are pursuing them. A woman would rather smash her toxic man than give a new nigga a chance, it’s like they don’t want to go back to having sex with rubber. You might have genuine intentions for a woman but because she is getting good sex from her toxic boyfriend she will ignore you to death. She will cheat on him but not with you, they guy she is cheating with has a girlfriend who is also hoping her man will change one day.

Women in toxic relationships often get defensive when you talk about toxic and narcissistic men, in their heads they think you are attacking their boyfriends. Sister you are defending a man who smashed your head against the wall last night because you went through his phone? It’s stupid and annoying, defend him now then after three days he breaks your nose because another man called you at 7PM. If you are in a toxic relationship right now and you don’t wana get out, don’t come crying and posting how men are trash when you find out he is married. Men are not trash, your man is trash but you are the bigger trash for defending and tolerating his behavior.

I am not saying that you give every man that asks you out a chance, but respect yourself at the very least. How many times does he have to cheat for you to leave him? Are you waiting for him to break your neck? Or you are waiting for him to disown you after you get pregnant. A man will only change for the woman he wants, so if all this time he has not made an effort just know you are not the one. A woman will sleep with a man who has a baby mama, then pretend she is there for the benefits. Gilbeys and shisha are not benefits, he is just toying with you and when he gets tired you finally see his true colors; but for now because you are ‘blind’ keep spreading your legs for him. Just know this he will never leave his baby mama for you.

If you are man reading this and you are pursuing a lady who is ignoring you for her toxic boyfriend, stop because you deserve better. If you are a woman reading this and you are holding on to a toxic man, you deserve what is coming your way.

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  1. Denis sergon says:

    Furious lambistic shits whips for ladies holding toxic men.

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  2. Eunice says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥bitter truth

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  3. Sally says:

    Facts💯 women keep on holding onto toxic relationships in the name of “He’ll change”and thats where they go wrong

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  4. Lauryn Kiage says:

    Nice one

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  5. Chumbaa says:

    Bitter truth.

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  6. Brutally honest….you’re not kidding ouch but thank you I needed to read this.


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