Money is not everything, money is the only thing. Most women don’t look for a lot when choosing a man, they just want to know if your wallet is full. A man with money can control a woman more than her boyfriend can, they call it ‘baby girl treatment’. They want to eat in posh hotels with views, do road trips, vacations on a regular, drink expensive whiskey and go to Dubai ‘on a budget’. A loaded man can easily provide all these but she has to pay for all of these with her clit.

Cars are automatic panty removers, there is something about the front seat. A woman will seat there and think she is the only girl who usually seats there. She puts her legs on the dashboard as she records snap chat videos of the highway while lip syncing to whatever is playing on the stereo. Her thighs are out and she doesn’t have a care in the world, she is happy! You buy a bottle of whiskey in Westlands as you leave town, now she is drunk and happy. By the time you get to Naivasha her legs will be wide open, she is yours for the whole weekend. Men as you read this just know this might be your girlfriend, but can you blame her? She has to pay for everything with her body.

Most women when they see a man with some dough, they see free alcohol and food. These days you can easily get sex as long as you can buy alcohol on a regular. Doesn’t matter who she is, as long as she drinks then you have a chance of getting in her pants. Alcohol has made even the most loyal women to cheat but am not saying it’s an excuse for cheating, it’s more of an enabler. Alcohol and raw sex are best friends, STIs and pregnancies are side chiqs. Alcohol is the reason most young girls are pregnant, she met a guy who offered to buy her gilbeys and her legs spread wide open.

A woman will fuck a rich guy and now she things they are dating, no sister to him you are just a fuckmate. You meet him one day while partying, he offers to buy you drinks, later he takes you to his place and fucks you. If he likes you he takes you to Diani for a weekend, fucks you again then when you come back he ghosts you. Now you are there looking miserable and posting pictures on Instagram captioning them “Take me back”. Take you back where?? To STIs and pregnancy scares? He ghosted because he probably has another girl, and yeah he was bored of your couchie.

You walk into an hotel in Kilimani(Kenya) and you see a woman busy recording the food on the table, she then posts the video on Insta stories with a Rema song on the background. Most people will see this and hate their crappy lives not knowing she doesn’t even know how much the food costs, she is just posting to show people how much fun she is having. It’s not a bad thing to show how happy you are but don’t make it seem like you are the one paying for it. She will then edit these videos and post them on Instagram reels, influencers!! Everything for the gram right?

Funny thing about all these is that these women fucking rich men is, these men never actually give them any money, they pay for ubers, food, alcohol and anything else that needs paying. You call him to ask for uber money and he tells to go he will pay once you get there. The only thing these men can give you freely is STIs and babies, now the small amount of money you had saved from him is used for treatment and prenatal checkups. All this because you decided to use your clit as a mode of payment, so sad.

Avoid broke women with expensive tastes, they will do anything for money. I read somewhere of this ‘Dubai potty’ thing, women are being paid to be portable potties. Rich men shit in their mouths and then pay them a lot of money. Some will make you eat their shit as they watch, what in the fetish is this?? These women are also made to have sex with animals young animals even, how low can you stoop? I agree that we should chase the bag but eating someone’s faeces is some fucked up shit. Women have used their clits to pay for a lot of things but this is by far the most degrading.

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    Wow,,,,this so true,,,,,


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