There is nothing more stupid than a woman giving excuses for her toxic man’s behavior. You are too young to put up with cheating, abuse, gas lighting and narcissistic behaviors all in the name of love. It’s like you are afraid of leaving him because you think you won’t get another, so you put up with a lot of shit just to stay coupled up. You know he is cheating, he abuses you, lies, embarrasses you and you still stay, then you say men are trash no, you are the nigger trash for believing he will change. This goes for both men and women, you don’t have to suffer to prove your love you are not Jesus.

A phone should be private, your phone is your phone. Nobody else apart from you should access it, not even your partner or whoever you are fucking. If you feel like you need to go through your partner’s phone to be secure then that relationship is already over. Yes you are dating but you need to some privacy, your phone holds your most private thoughts and they should remain so. Your man demands to go through your phone and you just give it to him and you are not even married, you are just fucking! There are other instances like maybe they are low on airtime, dead battery or to take pictures which is normal. But going through someone’s chats, call logs and gallery to look for evidence of cheating is just childish and is the worst form of invasion of privacy.

You are in campus dating a man who thinks you should not go out because you will cheat. If a man does this it means he thinks you are cheap and anybody can just get their way with you, why be with someone who thinks like this of you? Then you find a stupid girl trying to give excuses,”…he doesn’t want to go out because am the main chiq”. Do you know how stupid this sounds?! You are in a relationship not a prison, you should be free to live your life the best way to know how. You are still in your twenties and a man is leaving you at home so the he is free to cheat. Now you think he respects you because he doesn’t want you to party, this is not love my dear its stupidity. Remember you had a life before him, you can’t just pause it to please someone who doesn’t even respect you.

These young girls dating ancestors for their money, I know you are chasing the bag but be smart about it. You have dated someone’s husband or grandfather for a year and all you have to show for it is P2 pills and pictures of you at the beach wtf?! If you are in it for the money then make sure you are getting those dollar bills, so that at least when they get tired of fucking you, you have something left. I am not in any way promoting this behavior because it has broken a lot of families but we all do what we gotta do right? Don’t be stupid, hoe responsibly and this includes making sure your interests are met.

Don’t ignore red flags, they might be tiny but they are still red flags. The more you keep forgiving someone the lesser they respect you. Infidelity is something that should never be forgiven, a hoe will remain a hoe forever. Men give excuses like “…I don’t even love her it’s just sex” and you believe him, how stupid can you be? Physical abuse will never be a show of love, some of you are so used to the abuse that they think it’s a show of affection. If you are in a toxic relationship you need to leave and work on you first, show yourself love. This will help you heal and get rid of any baggage that you might have. If sex still excites you continue hoeing, do not get into a commitment with anyone else. But if your future is what keeps you at night, find someone who has the same hunger to succeed and build each other.

Your partner cheated and you forgave, gave you an STI and you still took them back, beats and abuses but you chose to stay, what do we call you? STUPID! There is more to life than toxic relationships. Do something for yourself, go hiking, book a staycation, bike riding, and travel more. You are 25 years old and you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is your whole world. Doing something good for yourself is so fulfilling, you won’t understand till you try it. When you do these things on your own you have already set standards for yourself. Anybody who wants you will have to measure up or leave you alone. Otherwise things like being invited for a sleep over will keep exciting till you are 30 years old.

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  1. Neddy says:

    This is something no one will ever tell you🥺


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