The more you keep forgiving someone, the lesser they respect you. They know you will always come back no matter what they do to you. Women have been ranting about how men are trash, you are the bigger trash for thinking he will change. Men change but only for the women they want, he slapped you and you forgave him, what will stop him from punching you next time? He will do it because he knows you will forgive him for anything. I am not saying you shouldn’t forgive but choose what to forgive. If forgiving someone means reducing your value then it isn’t worth it.

Unprotected sex has very obvious consequences; pregnancies, UTI’s, STIs and HIV. He cheated and gave you an STI and you still forgave him, what are you waiting for? HIV? Pregnancy? The moment you decide you are smashing anyone raw then you should be ready for whatever the outcome. Pulling out can only protect a woman from getting pregnant and it’s not even that effective. Men who leave women after impregnating them are just weak and stupid. What did you think would happen after you came inside her?! Look at your bank account then ask yourself if you should be a sperm donor.

A man will get you pregnant then ask you to abort and you actually terminate the pregnancy. You get pregnant again for him and he tells you not to keep it, why are you still doing with him?! You should have gotten the message the first time, he does not have you in his plans. He will ask you to abort, you keep taking him back and the cycle continues till you can’t have children anymore then he now drops you like a used condom. He asks you to abort then you still smash him raw, he will keep asking to abort till you are infertile.

Advising a woman in love is like talking to the dead, she will never listen. I may not be an expert on matters love but I know love is not supposed to make you stupid. Your man has cheated on you several times, but you have always forgiven him hoping he will change. How do you expect him to change when you have given him like 20 chances? Cheating is disrespectful and you never forgive disrespect, and if you do then don’t forget. Your man will never respect you if you if you keep forgiving him for cheating, in fact you are giving more chances to disrespect and embarrass you. Forgiving a serial cheater is not love, it’s just stupid.

A lot of women are in abusive relationships right now but don’t want to get out because they are “in love”. Violence is not and will never be a sign of love, a person who truly loves you will not take part in anything that will hurt you. He will push you today and punch you tomorrow, violence grows like that; one day it will reach its boiling point and he will stab you to death. We have seen and heard of thousands of cases like these on the news. Trust me no one will wake up and just stab you, it all started with insults and gas lighting. Most of you are afraid to leave toxic relationships because you are afraid of being single or broke. You won’t leave an abusive man because he has money? He will one day cause your death and you will die broke.

We as men should do better, there is no point of depositing your sperms in her knowing too well you are not ready. If you are still hustling then avoid baby making sex, practice safe sex till you are ready. Raising a kid is no joke, being a parent is forever; once a kid is in your life then forget about off days, as a parent you should always be on! Its next level shit, now imagine leaving all that responsibility to a woman, a girl is now a single mother because you didn’t want safe sex. A girl is a single mother at 20 years old, twenty!! This is someone who should be hustling to make her life better, now you have pulled her back. Women know who to forgive, take your time; sometimes the man you are giving second chances to will make you a single parent.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    Now this is the truth🥺
    Apo pa forgiving a serial cheater,,I was about forgiving my boyfriend for cheating,,,but I will rethink my decision😩
    Thankyou for this wise advice Kim


  2. RIO says:

    Koima with nothing but just pure truth aiseee..


  3. Ritah Mwangu says:

    Wooooww,best insights,wisdom like no other, thanks for this article Koima, now im well braced for the bad days🦋❤


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