Everybody is addicted to something or someone, weed, alcohol, sex, favorite food and even work. You keep wanting to smash the same man again and again, you don’t want his love it’s his dick that has you acting up. But you might not even notice it, to you its very normal. There is a reason they are called addictions, it’s not something that you would go blurting it out. You don’t even want people to know you like something they way you do.

There is something about screwing while high on weed, you don’t even want to cum so that the sex could last longer. The person who said that sex connects souls was probably high because that’s how you feel when you smoke then smash. Weed makes sex better and nastier, when you are high you only focus on that one person you are having sex with. You feel her wet pussy, she fees you inside her, you are pumping, she is moaning and at that moment your souls are intertwined and the only thing on your minds is to make each other feel good. After a steamy session of pounding, you light another joint as you meditate on what you will do to her after the ‘weed break’.

Sex is healthy but too much of it can mess up your balance. There are people who cannot function properly if they don’t have sex for a while, to them 3 days without sex is hell. They are horny, distracted and very irritable which makes them very bad company. When they finally fuck, they are reborn and you see a totally different person. These horny souls can fuck the whole day and still not get satisfied (notice I did not say tired). Once the two or three of you are satisfied then you can pause the sex, but sex addicts only stop when they are tired.

A thrill is a very sudden and short feeling of excitement and pleasure. There is a thrill that that comes from forbidden sex, sex in the car, elevator, club bathroom or anywhere else that is not your room. Smashing a man that you know very well is not yours will have you feeling shivers in your back. It’s like chasing a dragon, you will never catch it; and so you keep sleeping with your best friend’s man because you are hooked to the thrill it gives you. Some get thrills when they fuck in a public place like a park, the risk of being caught makes it even more satisfying.

Nothing is more addictive than a feeling, you get a feeling you like and you want to feel that way forever. A restaurant can get you to keep coming back by providing an ambiance that you like. Fresh air, beautiful flowers, nice lighting, comfortable seats and nice music. You go there for brunch, dinner and even cocktails. You think that you love the food but it’s the feeling that you get when you eat there that keeps you going back. You even take your friends there so that you can share the priceless moment with them.

Rolf’s Place

Some people are so hooked on alcohol that when they don’t taste it they become a wreck. Somebody once told me that they can’t do a presentation at the workplace without a few shots of whiskey. This means that there is a lot of ‘blood in their whiskey’. There are those that love drunk sex, they revel in the feeling of fucking while drunk. They have attached alcohol to something they normally do without, the feeling was so good that they had to keep doing it. Am sure these type of people have tried sober sex after tasting drunk sex and they didn’t like it.

Self-pleasing is also an addiction, you are so hooked to masturbation that you can’t sleep without doing it. This addiction is not only for single people, even those in relationships touch themselves. This addiction has ruined so many relationships because once you are hooked, your partner no longer stimulates you, they will think you are cheating and walk away. It all starts with a harmless rub off and before you know it you have a premium porn hub account.

Everybody is addicted to something or someone, sometimes we don’t even notice that we are addicted to these things. People always hide their addictions and I understand because the way the society is set up, you will be laughed at if you talk about yours. These addictions however make life easier and so we kinda need them. But too much of something is harmful, so always stay on the edge.

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